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10 Sureproof Ways to Save On Auto Insurance

Insurance is with no doubt one of the most demanding expenses. While most people are familiar with this fact, few will take their time to compare options and quotes in a quest to get cheap but reliable insurance coverage. The tips listed below will help you save a lot of money on auto insurance policies.

Request for quotes and buy online

Rushing to your nearest insurance company and signing up for insurance might seem like a convenient option although it does not allow you to assess what other providers are offering. However, the online platform allows you to apply for as many quotes as you would like from different providers without necessarily having to move from one office to another. Besides, you get to know what companies offer the best rates in just a short period of time. As a promotion strategy, most companies have offers on auto covers which are purchased online.

Multi-vehicle covers

If you have several vehicles, you would save a lot of money if you opted to insure them all under one cover. Insurance companies offer discounts to clients who insure several vehicles which saves you a considerable percentage on each vehicles policy.

Consider a single company for all your insurance needs

It would save you a considerable amount of money if you opted to get all your insurance policies from a single provider. Whether it is medical, home or tenants insurance, a reliable provider will always offer a discount whenever a client selects them for multiple covers. To avoid inconveniences, it would be important to research into the reputation of such a provider before relying on it solely.

Higher deductibles

The higher you pay in your deductibles, the less you will pay in the premiums. If you can afford to pay a higher amount of money from your pocket should something happen to you car, it would be advisable to pay a higher amount in the deductibles which helps you save a lot of money.

Eliminate collision coverage

While collision coverage makes up for a large portion of your premiums, it might not be necessary and especially if drive an old car. If the cars value is almost the same as your deductible, it would be worthwhile to save the money you pay as collision coverage; you can use the money to purchase a new car should anything happen to the old one.

Maintain a clean driving record

DUI convictions, speed tickets and involvement in accidents will always have adverse effects on a drivers insurance premiums. To qualify and enjoy cheap rates, avoid breaking traffic laws and maintain a clean driving record.

Select your car wisely

The more expensive your car is, the higher rates you have to pay for its insurance. Insurance companies assume that it would cost more to repair an expensive car than it would for a cheaper model. Depending on what you are willing to pay in the premiums, purchase a car which you can comfortably insure.

Opt for transit or carpool

Insurance companies anticipate that you are more likely to get involved in a car accident should you use it every time you need to travel. If you drive it to work, then you have to pay higher rates in your considered that traffic is high at that time which increases possibilities of getting involved in an accident. It would save you some money if you opted to travel in a transit bus or join a carpool.

Go for a driving education course

Taking an accredited drivers course in Canada acts as proof that you can indeed drive safely which in turn plays to lower the rates you pay in your premiums. Although the course costs you money initially, the benefits you gain afterwards are worthwhile.

Upgrade your cars security

Installing anti-theft devices is another of the ways you can use to reduce the amount of money you pay in auto cover premiums. By installing cameras, alarm devices and upgraded locks, you reduce the risk imposed to the insurance company should your car be stolen. Consequently, they will find it applicable to lower your insurance premium rates.

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Tips to avoid the most common traffic tickets

Traffic tickets are one of the reasons why an insurance company might decline you application for a cheap auto insurance cover. Its not all about paying less for insurance; you need to note that tickets are meant to warn you of your dangerous driving habits and although insurance companies raise the premium rates whenever a driver is convicted, it might as well be an indirect way of ensuring that people drive safely. Below are tips to help you avoid falling victim to the implications of a traffic ticket.


Speeding is the most common reason why drivers get a ticket. A speeding car is not only prone to accident but might also suffer extensive damage should any occur. As a result, insurance companies are wary of drivers who disrespect speed limits and will immediately hike their rates should you get a ticket.

The only way to avoid a speed ticket is adhering to the limits. As a good driver, always pay attention on the road ahead to avoid missing the limits especially while approaching a city or when you drive in residential areas. It would be easier if you made it a habit to always stay within the speed limit and maybe appreciate the fact that your speedometer is an important gadget which should not be ignored.

Running stop signs and red lights

It is understandable that everyone in the current world seems to be in a hurry although that wouldnt be enough reason to run a red light or a stop sign. Such driving habits will only get you more tickets which will certainly have adverse effects on your premium rates and not to forget that you risk causing an accident which again plays to increase your premiums.

When you see a stop sign before you, obey it and stop fully. When a green light turns amber just slow down and resist the urge to speed up. Speeding up on an amber light saves you time although that cannot be compared with the value of your life and several others on the road.

Illegal turns

People make illegal turns unknowingly but unfortunately it is one of the reasons which might earn you a ticket. Always make sure that you are turning from the right lane and avoid making U-turns where you shouldnt. In addition, it is always important to use your signals and allow other drivers to respond appropriately.

Not buckling up

In Canada, it is illegal for anyone to drive without a seatbelt. This rule is not only meant for the driver but everyone else in the car. Always wear yours and make sure all your passengers do the same before you start driving. Remember, the driver is held responsible should a minor travel in their car without buckling up. Apart from the increase in your premium rates, you also get a fine which is certainly an ordeal you wouldnt like to go through.

Different companies have different rates for their services. Drivers with tickets can still get a cheap insurance cover although they need to avoid such misdemeanors to avoid future implications.

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Why Should You Fully Insure Your Car

There are numerous accidents in every corner of the country every year. While there are accidents which can be fatal or cause serious injuries, many cause severe damages to your car. This may lead to a lot of financial losses. Therefore, it is important to buy full coverage auto insurance for your car. Full coverage auto insurance protects your assets if you are involved in a car accident and injure another driver.

Full coverage auto insurance allows you to protect your assets in a much better way and reduces your liabilities. Fully insuring your car is also important because in the event of an accident, if your car is damaged way beyond its cash value, the insurance company will pay for the cash value of your car. With these funds, you will be able to purchase a new car.

In financial terms, full coverage auto insurance will ensure that you remain solvent. Thus, you will not have to pay for repairs from your own pocket. Moreover, you will not have to buy a new vehicle on finance. Full coverage auto insurance includes physical damage, property damage and bodily injury which meet your state requirements.

All the coverage options mentioned in full auto coverage insurance are categorized as collision coverage, liability coverage and comprehensive coverage. In most states, liability coverage is the most basic form of coverage. In fact, it is required by the law.

Full coverage auto insurance protects you against any liabilities towards damages caused by you in a car accident. Such insurance includes property damage liability and bodily injury liability. Bodily injury liability is related to any expenses including medical bills, wasted time, rehab expenses, legal representation and funeral expenses. You are covered against all these expenses if you are liable for the accident.

In the same way, property damage liability covers you against any property damages which were caused to the other party because of your fault. Full coverage auto insurance also provides collision coverage. This means that you will be protected against any expenses for repairs or replacement of the vehicle.

In simple words, full coverage auto insurance will protect you from expenses if your car is damaged during a collision by another object or vehicle. As mentioned earlier, full coverage auto insurance also includes comprehensive coverage. This sort of coverage protects your vehicle against all kinds of damages except a collision. For instance, if something from your car is stolen, comprehensive coverage will pay for repairs and damages.

Full coverage auto insurance also covers all kinds of damages caused by natural disasters, like earthquakes, floods or typhoons. Moreover, your car will also be protected against non-collision damages caused by animals or man, like fire, explosion or windshield damage. There are many insurance companies that also offer comprehensive insurance, which provides medical and funeral expenses. As a result, it becomes very important to fully insure your car. This will not only keep you protected against financial damages, but also provide peace of mind. These days, full coverage auto insurance is quite affordable with low premiums.

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How to save on car insurance as a young single driver

One of the factors insurance companies use to determine the rates at which they should charge clients for auto insurance is age. Now young people have to pay higher rates considered that they are inexperienced and more likely to cause a road accident compared to their older counterparts. While it might seem hopeless for a young person to get a cheap auto insurance cover, there are several methods which could be used to lower these rates. Below are some tips which will help you pay less for your cover irrespective of your age.

Look for discounts which are meant to benefit young drivers

If you want to lower your premium rates as a young driver, you certainly have to look for as many discounts as you can. Of course this depends with your provider which implies that initially, you have to consider quotes from several of them and select one who offers discounts you qualify for. For instance, a student who scores high grades may opt for a company which offers the good student discount. It will help you cut down on the money you pay for insurance although you have to maintain the high grades taking it in mind that such a discount is renewed each year.

Other discounts are those offered to young people who attend driving school or take programs which are inclined towards improving their driving skills. If you learn how to drive safely, insurance companies assume that you reduce the chances of getting involved in an accident and will therefore lower your rates. As said before, the discounts depend with your provider so be careful while selecting one.

Purchase your car wisely

It is a fact that young drivers will naturally be attracted to sports cars and SUVs. However, these might not be the best option for someone who wants to save big on insurance. The repair costs for a sports car or a SUV are obviously high and should it be involved in an accident, it would be a loss to your provider. To cover for that loss, insurance providers charge higher rates for expensive cars. To save some of your money, select an affordable car or go for a second hand purchase which might incur lower rates than a new model of the same type.

To get an estimate of what you will be bound to pay should you buy a certain model, inquire from a friend or relative who drives the same model.

Shop online for better rates

The one best way to get a cheap insurance cover is by taking your time to research and compare quotes from different providers. To do this conveniently, it is recommended that you shop for insurance coverage online; you do not have to move from one office to another. As a young, single driver, you will be looking for a company which offers several discounts to young drivers. However, you should be careful not to purchase a cheap cover without ascertaining that it offers all your coverage requirements.

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What Should You Do To Find Car Insurance at Affordable Rates

In order to make sure that you find a good car insurance at affordable rates, you need to consider many different factors. You have to consider the reputation of the insurance company, type of coverage and compare prices as well as discounts. Financial experts believe that people can easily find an affordable car insurance by considering these basic factors. It is important to understand that your choice completely depends on your preferences, needs, requirements and budget.

Let us tell you about some of the best ways to find a good car insurance at the best possible prices.

Consider You Car

Usually, whatever you pay for your car insurance will depend on the manufacturer, model and year of the car. In most cases, you will have to pay a higher premium if you car is new. Prices for collision and comprehensive insurance dont vary much. Hence, buying from an affordable insurance company is always better.

Know About The Minimum Limit

Many states set a minimum standard for liability insurance coverage. In case you want a loan for buying a used or new car, the lender will want you to have some comprehensive and collision coverage.

Always Go For Highest Possible Deductible

This one of the easiest ways to lower your premium. Always choose the highest deductible. For instance, if you choose an annual deductible of $2017 rather than going ahead with $250, you will not have to pay a large sum upfront. However, if you are an involved in an accident, you will have to pay most of the amount yourself.

Maintain A Good Credit Score

There are many states where insurance companies check your credit history to determine an insurance credit score. An insurance credit score is used to calculate the premium. In case you have a bad credit score, you may have to pay more for your car insurance.

Narrow Down Your Options

While looking for an insurance company, you should do a thorough research and consider many factors. You should also compare companies for prices, discounts and reputation. This will help you to narrow down your options and choose the best insurance company.

Look For Discounts

Most of the people are unaware of numerous discounts that some insurance companies offer. There are many discounts for retirees, short commutes, students and cars with safety devices. You should always look for such discounts as they can help you to save a lot of money.

Opt Out of Some Coverage

In case you have a pretty old car or bought it outright, you may drop collision and comprehensive coverage. If you drive an old vehicle, the cost of insurance can be more than whats actually worth. However, it is important to opt for liability insurance. In most states, it is illegal to drive without a liability insurance.

Check For Low-Cost Insurance Programs

There are many states which offer state-run low cost insurance programs. People who have a low household income are usually eligible for such programs. Always look for such programs as they can save a lot of your money.

There are many ways to find an affordable car insurance. A thorough research is always important to make sure that you get the best coverage at the best possible prices.

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How to Report A Dangerous Driver

Almost all motorists have experienced poor driving, be it driving at very high speeds, recklessly or driving under the influence of alcohol. Talking on the cell phone while driving can also be termed as poor driving. In most cases, motorists who experience such poor driving practices drive on without doing anything to curb the dangerous behavior. Reporting such dangerous driving is very important and the fact that you can easily do that is highly encouraging. Here are a few simple ways in which you can report dangerous drivers. Read on.

How Can I Report Reckless Drivers?

Immediate Assistance
There are emergency lines which have been set up for emergency situation. Therefore, when you experience dangerous driving, the first thing you should do is to notify the police immediately. The motorist driving recklessly is putting all the people on that road at risk. As such, he should be eliminated from the tracks immediately. The local polices phone number will definitely come in handy in such situations.

Remember to use a hands-free device when calling the police. You may also pull over and make the call without putting other motorists at risk. Jot down the license plate number so that you can give the police the specific number. In addition to that, report the vehicles model, make and the exact location. This information will help the police capture the dangerous driver easily and quickly.

However, steer away from the 911 emergency line unless someone has been injured. Its important that such emergency lines stay open in case of life-threatening emergencies. Furthermore, the police are better placed to help you in such situations that any other person.

Repeat Offenders
If there is a problematic driver, speeding and driving recklessly in your neighborhood, make sure that you report the driver to your local police. Dont approach the dangerous motorist. Instead, record the date, time and location of the incidents and make sure that you call the police every time the driver pulls his dangerous stunt. If you can, record the vehicles license plate number as well as the house number the motorist visits or lives in.

You should report the incidence more often as this will push the police to arrest the offender. If the offense is being commitment by numerous drivers such as running a light, reporting the offense every now and then will compel the police department to deploy more officers in the area.

Avoiding Dangerous Motorists
Since most of the incidents are often random, the police may not be able to provide immediate assistance. For instance, someone running a line or cutting you off will be long gone before you pick your cell phone to report them. Therefore, its best to avoid such drivers.

If a driver is tailgating, allow them to overtake you, if he cuts you off, make sure you back away. Additionally, keep an eye on those vehicles being driven recklessly. Make sure that you leave ample distance between you and such motorists.

Always remember to keep your sane when driving. Stay calm and dont allow road rage to overcome your sanity. Report the incident to the police and continue driving safely.

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How to Get Affordable Car Insurance

It is always advised to look for affordable car insurance as the money saved can be utilized in some other productive ways or it may prove to be useful at the time of financial crisis. This is the reason one should look for those insurance companies whose premiums are the lowest possible ones. One should avail each and every discount he is eligible for. This can be done in several ways like comparing the companies and making a thorough research.

When it comes to buy affordable car insurance one is his own advocate. Though it is not that easy but then, it is not that hard either. What one needs is to take a little time and follow the following simple steps which are sure to guide in finding the lowest insurance rates without getting ripped off.

Always know the self limits: There is a predetermined set of minimum liability of the insurance coverage, both for human injuries and the damages to the vehicle. One should opt for a balanced insurance and act according to his personal requirements. If the vehicle is new he should opt for more liability towards the vehicle. If it is old then he should opt for liability of the body only which will save money.

The less stylish and least expensive the car is, the less will be the rate of insurance. It is therefore advised to go for an inexpensive car than an expensive one. Or second hand vehicles in good condition will the best option.

Calculate the highest possible deductible and act accordingly. It is a calculated risk which will surely lessen the upfront payment. But it will prove to dearer when the vehicle meets an accident. So one should calculate the amount of risk he is ready to take.

Keeping a high and good credit score is always helpful as the insurance companies are more than willing to give discounts to those with a good credit score.

Find an appropriate agent who is reliable enough and whose past records are all positive and proven. Tell him about the research you have done and what discounts you are offered. Ask him if he can give a better deal. Chances are you will get a better deal.

Insurance companies give good discounts to drivers with short commutes, students with good grades, retired persons etc. In addition to these if a vehicle is fitted with self alarm system it is given discount as the chances of theft of this type of vehicles are very few. So it is advised to buy a vehicle on the name of student or a reputed driver.

Search for the state run insurance companies nearby as the premiums levies by them are less than the private insurance companies. These companies provide insurance to those who are below poverty line.

Dont go for additional riders as they attract additional premium. Instead, if you own old vehicle consider dropping comprehensive and collision coverage which will save big bucks.

The process of elimination should be followed to select the best and the lowest premium offering company.

Last but not the least one should always make an assessment of his personal insurance needs and how much premium he can actually afford and must act accordingly.

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