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How to Report A Dangerous Driver

Almost all motorists have experienced poor driving, be it driving at very high speeds, recklessly or driving under the influence of alcohol. Talking on the cell phone while driving can also be termed as poor driving. In most cases, motorists who experience such poor driving practices drive on without doing anything to curb the dangerous behavior. Reporting such dangerous driving is very important and the fact that you can easily do that is highly encouraging. Here are a few simple ways in which you can report dangerous drivers. Read on.

How Can I Report Reckless Drivers?

Immediate Assistance
There are emergency lines which have been set up for emergency situation. Therefore, when you experience dangerous driving, the first thing you should do is to notify the police immediately. The motorist driving recklessly is putting all the people on that road at risk. As such, he should be eliminated from the tracks immediately. The local polices phone number will definitely come in handy in such situations.

Remember to use a hands-free device when calling the police. You may also pull over and make the call without putting other motorists at risk. Jot down the license plate number so that you can give the police the specific number. In addition to that, report the vehicles model, make and the exact location. This information will help the police capture the dangerous driver easily and quickly.

However, steer away from the 911 emergency line unless someone has been injured. Its important that such emergency lines stay open in case of life-threatening emergencies. Furthermore, the police are better placed to help you in such situations that any other person.

Repeat Offenders
If there is a problematic driver, speeding and driving recklessly in your neighborhood, make sure that you report the driver to your local police. Dont approach the dangerous motorist. Instead, record the date, time and location of the incidents and make sure that you call the police every time the driver pulls his dangerous stunt. If you can, record the vehicles license plate number as well as the house number the motorist visits or lives in.

You should report the incidence more often as this will push the police to arrest the offender. If the offense is being commitment by numerous drivers such as running a light, reporting the offense every now and then will compel the police department to deploy more officers in the area.

Avoiding Dangerous Motorists
Since most of the incidents are often random, the police may not be able to provide immediate assistance. For instance, someone running a line or cutting you off will be long gone before you pick your cell phone to report them. Therefore, its best to avoid such drivers.

If a driver is tailgating, allow them to overtake you, if he cuts you off, make sure you back away. Additionally, keep an eye on those vehicles being driven recklessly. Make sure that you leave ample distance between you and such motorists.

Always remember to keep your sane when driving. Stay calm and dont allow road rage to overcome your sanity. Report the incident to the police and continue driving safely.

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