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How to save on car insurance as a young single driver

One of the factors insurance companies use to determine the rates at which they should charge clients for auto insurance is age. Now young people have to pay higher rates considered that they are inexperienced and more likely to cause a road accident compared to their older counterparts. While it might seem hopeless for a young person to get a cheap auto insurance cover, there are several methods which could be used to lower these rates. Below are some tips which will help you pay less for your cover irrespective of your age.

Look for discounts which are meant to benefit young drivers

If you want to lower your premium rates as a young driver, you certainly have to look for as many discounts as you can. Of course this depends with your provider which implies that initially, you have to consider quotes from several of them and select one who offers discounts you qualify for. For instance, a student who scores high grades may opt for a company which offers the good student discount. It will help you cut down on the money you pay for insurance although you have to maintain the high grades taking it in mind that such a discount is renewed each year.

Other discounts are those offered to young people who attend driving school or take programs which are inclined towards improving their driving skills. If you learn how to drive safely, insurance companies assume that you reduce the chances of getting involved in an accident and will therefore lower your rates. As said before, the discounts depend with your provider so be careful while selecting one.

Purchase your car wisely

It is a fact that young drivers will naturally be attracted to sports cars and SUVs. However, these might not be the best option for someone who wants to save big on insurance. The repair costs for a sports car or a SUV are obviously high and should it be involved in an accident, it would be a loss to your provider. To cover for that loss, insurance providers charge higher rates for expensive cars. To save some of your money, select an affordable car or go for a second hand purchase which might incur lower rates than a new model of the same type.

To get an estimate of what you will be bound to pay should you buy a certain model, inquire from a friend or relative who drives the same model.

Shop online for better rates

The one best way to get a cheap insurance cover is by taking your time to research and compare quotes from different providers. To do this conveniently, it is recommended that you shop for insurance coverage online; you do not have to move from one office to another. As a young, single driver, you will be looking for a company which offers several discounts to young drivers. However, you should be careful not to purchase a cheap cover without ascertaining that it offers all your coverage requirements.

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