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Tips to avoid the most common traffic tickets

Traffic tickets are one of the reasons why an insurance company might decline you application for a cheap auto insurance cover. Its not all about paying less for insurance; you need to note that tickets are meant to warn you of your dangerous driving habits and although insurance companies raise the premium rates whenever a driver is convicted, it might as well be an indirect way of ensuring that people drive safely. Below are tips to help you avoid falling victim to the implications of a traffic ticket.


Speeding is the most common reason why drivers get a ticket. A speeding car is not only prone to accident but might also suffer extensive damage should any occur. As a result, insurance companies are wary of drivers who disrespect speed limits and will immediately hike their rates should you get a ticket.

The only way to avoid a speed ticket is adhering to the limits. As a good driver, always pay attention on the road ahead to avoid missing the limits especially while approaching a city or when you drive in residential areas. It would be easier if you made it a habit to always stay within the speed limit and maybe appreciate the fact that your speedometer is an important gadget which should not be ignored.

Running stop signs and red lights

It is understandable that everyone in the current world seems to be in a hurry although that wouldnt be enough reason to run a red light or a stop sign. Such driving habits will only get you more tickets which will certainly have adverse effects on your premium rates and not to forget that you risk causing an accident which again plays to increase your premiums.

When you see a stop sign before you, obey it and stop fully. When a green light turns amber just slow down and resist the urge to speed up. Speeding up on an amber light saves you time although that cannot be compared with the value of your life and several others on the road.

Illegal turns

People make illegal turns unknowingly but unfortunately it is one of the reasons which might earn you a ticket. Always make sure that you are turning from the right lane and avoid making U-turns where you shouldnt. In addition, it is always important to use your signals and allow other drivers to respond appropriately.

Not buckling up

In Canada, it is illegal for anyone to drive without a seatbelt. This rule is not only meant for the driver but everyone else in the car. Always wear yours and make sure all your passengers do the same before you start driving. Remember, the driver is held responsible should a minor travel in their car without buckling up. Apart from the increase in your premium rates, you also get a fine which is certainly an ordeal you wouldnt like to go through.

Different companies have different rates for their services. Drivers with tickets can still get a cheap insurance cover although they need to avoid such misdemeanors to avoid future implications.

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